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Cloud Computing

The IT landscape is changing: Infrastructure and software are offered "as a service". This allows to create flexible and scalable solutions that cover the actual needs. The user does not have to take care about the systems maintenance and security, the owners focus is on the operation.
The business model known as "Cloud Computing" offers a lot of advantages that can be exploited. focus is your strong partner to bring your data into the cloud and get the best out of it.

  • Siemens MindSphereConnect your plants, systems and machines to the cloud-based, open IoT operating system.
  • Cloud based control systemsMonitor and control your plants by remote using cloud-based services - without caring about hardware.
  • Access from anywhereBenefit from device-, platform- and location-independent access to your data.
  • Monitoring the plant conditionEverything at a glance - monitor the condition and productivity of your plants
  • Anomaly DetectionAI-supported detection of anomalies to improve your plant components
  • Predictive MaintenanceDetermine the equipment condition in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed.
  • Data analysis and evaluationWe get the most out of your data and transform it to your needs.

Edge Computing

The Edge technology provides new possibilities for business models and applications. Even big amounts of data can be collected and processed in real-time - directly at the machine. The use of container technologies such as dockers enables the provision of apps on edge devices, but also in the management system.

  • Simatic Edge and ActyxOSProcess and product relevant pre-processing, evaluation and display of data with future-oriented solutions in the shop floor
  • ScalabilityFrom a single machine to hundreds of machines and devices, from a production line to a multi-plant solution
  • AnalyticalIntegration of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions
  • TraceabilityTrack data along the entire production process
  • IntralogisticsIntelligent and efficient control of internal material flows
  • Quality AssuranceData evaluation in real time and immediate feedback to the operator
  • Sustainable Devices and applications can be adapted to new requirements at any time.
  • OpennessConnection of the Edge solution to MES, ERP and Cloud systems

Edge solutions add data processing capability to the automation environment. Data can thus be stored and processed locally on the shop floor without long transmission paths.


IT security at production-facilities

Due to ever advancing interconnectedness of machines and production facilities including cloud connectivity, the risk of cyberattacks is increasing. The machines and production facilities that partially belong to critical infrastructure, must be protected against cyberattacks. The ISA / IEC 62443 Standard "Cybersecurity of industrial automation and control systems (IACS) " provides an holistic approach to security consideration and protection of industrial OT networks.

  • DefinitionDetermine the system under consideration and determine their security level. Ensure the support of all involved parties.
  • AssessmentAnalysis of the system under consideration and determination of all connections. Determination of security vulnerability in organization and OT structure. Evaluation of the threats and likelihood in a risk matrix.
  • ImplementationBased on the assessment, the systems are hardened and documented accordingly.
  • MaintenanceIn case of changes of the threats and likelihoods, the implementation must be reconsidered.
  • Cybersecurity management systemThe cybersecurity management system, described by ISA / IEC 62443, guarantees the availability and security of the entire OT infrastructure in case of plant modifications and expansions.

We offer support and solutions for the entire process by ISA / IEC 62443 certified employees.

Functional Engineering

Functional engineering is becoming more and more important in the digitalization process. It forms the central base for all disciplines, starting with concept development, to process and mechanical detail engineering, up to electrical design, process control and IIoT systems.

  • Interdisciplinary engineeringThe central database of the functional engineering represents the "Single Source of Truth" for all disciplines.
  • Parallel engineeringThe planning of all disciplines is mutually available and can be used immediately.
  • Automated generation of bulk dataThe functional engineering generates bulk data directly in software products such as EPLAN, PLC, SCADA and process control systems (EPLAN P8, TIA Portal, WinCC, PCS7).
  • Import / ExportThe consistent database offers a variety of options for importing and exporting project planning data. This ensures a flexible and reliable data exchange between different disciplines or even different companies.

focus offers a software-supported platform for functional engineering in the field of electrical design, PLC software and SCADA systems. Furthermore, we support your integration process for functional engineering into your existing workflows.