Automation & Process Control

Automation technology is the foundation of an efficient process management. Transparent processes and consistent quality are essential everywhere - in discreet production, logistics or process technology.

  • Needs assessment/Drafting of specifications:Consultation concerning new constructions, extensions or modernizations, drafting of specifications
  • Switchgear construction and assembly:Delivery of switchgear and electric assembly
  • Hardware engineeringin accordance with DIN EN 61082 and UL 508A (e.g. Eplan P8, WSCAD)
  • Software engineeringProgramming of common control and visualizing systems (e.g. Siemens products, ABB, Allen Bradley, WAGO I/O, Wonderware, GE)
  • FAT:In-house function tests using WinMOD simulation software
  • Commissioning / Training / Maintenance:National and international commissioning, staff training, 24/7 on-call service, maintenance

We are in the position to deliver plants as complete turnkey facilities as well as single components, as listed. We are looking forward to appropriately expanding your degree of automatization and updating your facilities.


The traceability of production processes is becoming a central aspect of the discreet production. To optimize the production process, and consequently to gain competitive advantages, it is vital to know exactly how a given batch or component was produced.

  • Central quality management:Our central quality management permits access to all production data, filtered according to component, batch or machine, and create reports
  • Central operating data acquisition:Central operating data acquisition allows a quick and simple overview of the current capacity utilization and availability of machines
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • IT Integration:IT integration cross-links central order processing and quality management with the company IT

Batch processing

More and more companies must make sure they can produce smaller batch sizes efficiently in the context of an increasing product range. To meet these conflicting requirements and to serve the customers fast, flexibly and on a level of constantly high quality, you have to optimize your production process management.

  • Linkingof products and specifications
  • Paperlessproduction control directly from your ERP system
  • Flexibleallocation of production units
  • The focus is on you:Software integration into your processes, not the other way round
  • Central recipe management:central management of machining parameters of each production step
  • Central order management:Making sure you can manage batchwise production


Only through the distinct identification of components involved in a production process can the accruing data be classified in modern production processes. So raw materials and tools can be applied in the best possible way.

  • Ident systemsApplication of ident systems with different technologies (RFID, QR-Code, Barcode, Bluetooth, ...)
  • Product tracingProduct specific monitoring and documentation of production steps
  • IdentificationIdentification of raw materials, transport units, etc.
  • Monitoring of tools regarding:Usage, downtimes, production times, history

We implement ready to use standard solutions for automatic identification and follow up materials and products in production facilities.


How do we collect data? How do we evaluate this information? Where will we store these data in future? How does they reach the recipient they were meant for? Exciting questions of digitalization in your company as well. We offer state-of-the-art solutions. The era of the fusion of the enterprise data and the world of automation has begun.

  • Industry 4.0The industrial networking of man and machine by means of information technology
  • Internet of ThingsInstruments - or objects - are provided with intelligence and use the internet fully automatically to support human beings
  • Database Sharepoint TechnologiesDatabase-linked company-wide distribution of information
  • Machine-oriented data collectionCollecting data where they appear - in the automation environment

We will be glad to prepare and support you for the challenges of the future.


The benefits of virtualization are a higher utilization of the servers and the multiple use of a host for several virtual machines. These might be small systems as well as distributed systems to ensure maximum failure resistance.

  • Use of resourcesBetter utilization due to several virtual machines on one hardware
  • Hardware independenceA virtual machine can run on various hardware systems without needing any extra drivers
  • AvailabilityThrough encapsulation of the virtual machine in data files, the data files can be transferred between different servers
  • CostsReduced costs due to better utilization of the hardware
  • ReliabilityThrough the simultaneous implementation of virtual machines on various hardware systems there is no downtime in case of a defect

IT Network

Protected and available IT networks have been gaining in importance in production processes so as now to be essential for a successful digitalization of your processes.

  • IT-SecurityProtection between different networks
  • VPNEncrypted connection between two remote sites
  • RedundancyRing structures and backbones
  • SegmentationDivision into different protected physical network layers
  • DMZSafety-related controlled access options

focus Industrieautomation GmbH offers the planning and implementation of protected and stable IT networks.


Nowadays, the digitalization of production processes requires a broad range of technical competence starting with the automation technology, then the IT infrastructure up to the integration into the work flow of the company.

Your benefits
  • Our ExperienceConsultation by experienced engineers from diverse industries
  • You are in the focusIntegration of the software in your processes
  • Safe and reliablePlanning of the IT infrastructure in your production

Thanks to many years of experience focus plans together with you the software mapping of your manufacturing processes, the design services for your IT infrastructure, the IT security in the production environment and the high availability of your application.