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Successful certification: Password Safe by MATESO

Password Safe is a highly developed encryption software and serves as a central digital safe for securing, managing and monitoring sensitive data such as passwords, (privileged) access and accounts.

On successful completion of the Password Safe Technical Training and the Password Safe Sales Boot Camp, focus employees were awarded the title of Password Safe Certified Technical Consultant (PWSCTC) and Password Safe Certified Sales Professional (PWSCSP).

Find more at https://www.passwordsafe.com/


"I don't know of any comparable system that works like the Actyx platform"

In an interview with Maximilian Fischer, co-founder and board member of Actyx AG, our authorized officer Marcell Polley provides first hand insights on how the manufacturing market is changing, why edge- and cloud- computing will play a key role in this change, and why we decided to use the Actyx platform:

Actyx: What is your position at focus Industrieautomation?

M. Polley: I am one of the general managers at focus and work in project management


The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. As a company, the health and safety of our employees as well as our customers and business partners is very important to us and has the highest priority.

That is why we too would like to make our contribution to contain and slow down the further spread of the virus and to maintain the efficiency of our company.

For this reason, a large part of our staff will be working


Help instead of gifts

The handing over of the Christmas donations - every year a very special date for us.

Also this time we have renounced again on Christmas gifts and support instead non-profit associations from the region.

At this point once again many thanks to Lichtblicke Rennerod e.V., the Turnverein 1901 Rennerod e.V. and the DLRG Westerburg e.V. for their great honorary commitment.


Successful completion of the "Sustainable corporate culture" audit

focus Industrieautomation GmbH received the final certificate for the successful completion of the "Sustainable Corporate Culture" audit of the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA). The focus of the two-year process was the expansion of a corporate culture developed and supported by all employees in the areas of leadership, equal opportunities & diversity, health as well as knowledge and competence. Silke Trabelsi, Project Manager, focus Industrieautomation GmbH, explains: "We can only be successful together with

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