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AWG Wuppertal

Process control in a virtual environment for a modern waste-to-energy plant

250.000 alarms, more than 10.000 process objects, 54 screens. How can you combine such quantity structures using a single process control system, including 700 external control units as well as components of various producers? The waste-to-energy plant in Wuppertal realized such a plant modernization – highly available and in full operation.


P&A 05/2018
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CMI Deutschland

Mirror-like through custom-made visualisation

The stainless-steel tapes and sheets must be cleaned after the rolling and subsequent thermal treatment, before they are coiled up. Impurities are removed by an acid treatment. Numerous parameters like acid dosage and band control must be monitored permanently - the task of a reliable visualisation software that helps to optimise the productivity of a plant by reducing the amount of chemicals necessary and by saving costs. (for details see downloads)


Stahl und Eisen 01/2014
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Quality control in rolls production using the Scada-system

Steel rolls of all kinds and sizes are central components of industrial plants and a great deal of know how is necessary to make sure they do their job properly during casting and thermal treatment. The quality of the final product must finally be documented by reports. (for details see downloads)


Stahl und Eisen 07/2016
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Thyssen Krupp Steel Europe

Bright prospects

Galvanised steel sheets play a major role in industrial production, for example in the production of automobiles. Applying a layer of zinc using a hot-dip galvanisation process is a tried and tested method to prevent their corrosion. The plants for that are complex and make enormous demands on a modern control system. (for details see downloads)


A&D 06/2016
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URSA Chemie

Efficient operating and monitoring in the hazardous area

Steady, continuous production processes without rapid change of products is common in the chemical industry. Ursa Chemie, a mid-sized company based in Montabaur, has accepted the challenge and produces custom-made chemicals and materials on short notice. The flexibility of the producer is supported by a modern Scada-system. (for details see downloads)


CIT plus 12/2013
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Westerburg and its associated municipalities

Water pipes: regional lifelines

Open the tap, put the glass underneath, enjoy tap water. Germany’s best supervised food item is available 24/7. A lot of work is required to make this quality water available for everybody. To illustrate this, Jörg Pfaff, plant manager of the waterworks in Westerburg, speaks about the various tasks regarding water provision. (for details see downloads)


Rhein Zeitung 02.11.2016, Seite 23

Further references

Automotive industry

Johnson Controls

Modernisation of the control technology of a recycling plant for batteries with PCS 7


Intuitive SCADA-solution and alarm handling for soldering furnaces

KAMAX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Process data acquisition and connection to the higher-level MES for the heat treatment in the Osterode plant

Montaplast GmbH

Visualisation of a plant for the final assembly of air dampers in the Morsbach plant

Chemical industry

URSA Chemie GmbH

Flexible batch solution for the chemical production in small batches

CMI Industry

Automation of a plant for hydrochloric acid treatment

URSA Chemie GmbH

Automation of a cosmetic production with the integration of a production planning system

Buildings / Energy

Hörmann KG

Building automation for the Eckelhausen plant

Sparkasse - Südliche Weinstraße

Higher-level building control system for a service centre


Bremenports GmbH & Co. KG

Realisation of an alarm centre for the port area Bremen/Bremerhaven

Schunk Group

Control system for the monitoring of the energy supply in the Heuchelheim plant


Stephan Schmidt Gruppe

Control of a metering and mixing system with entry and exit in a brine facility


Control and regulation of a tunnel kiln

Saint-Gobain NorPro GmbH


C. Thywissen GmbH

Automation of a tank storage in Neuss

Pharmaceutical industry

Biotest AG

SAP Connection of a coding and plain text reading system as well as forwarding of fault messages to SAP


Arnold Gruppe

Traceability of the processing of multicrystalline silicon blocks

Steel industry

Gontermann-Peipers GmbH

Quality assurance by the integration of EPR systems in the production process

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Replacement of the complete control system of a hot-dip coating facility

CMI Industry

Standard solution for the automation of stainless steel pickling lines

CMI Industry

Automation of a stainless steel pickling line in Zhanjiagang (China)

CMI Industry

Automation solution for a hydrochloric acid processing plant (South Korea)

Menk Gruppe

Control of a welding machine for wave walls

Water / Wastewater / Environment

Gemeinde Beselich

Remote control solution for the water supply of Beselich with Sinaut ST7

Herhof GmbH

Renewal of the automation technology of a plant for the mechanical-biological waste treatment


Modernisation of the monitoring system for the water disposal within the catchment area of Lüdinghausen

Verbandsgemeindewerke Rennerod

GPRS remote control of the supply of drinking water and disposal of wastewater within the catchment area of Rennerod